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Welcome to Evosus Business Management Help


Welcome to the Evosus Business Management Help. If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to check out our knowledge base at support.evosus.com

We appreciate and encourage your feedback. If you have any suggestions for improving the help, please email us at support@evosus.com.  Be sure to reference the name of the help topic and what you feel should be changed.

What's new in this release?

A quick tour!
Accounts Payable

minus-24        Can I enter negative amounts on checks?

minus-24        What check formats does Evosus support?

minus-24        How do I reprint an AP check?

minus-24        What is Cost Variance on AP Invoices?

minus-24        What do I do if there is a cost variance (the item subtotal doesn't match the packing slip total)?

minus-24        How do I change the default contact name and billing address on Vendor Purchase Orders?

minus-24        How can you see available vendor credits when paying bills?

Accounts Receivable

minus-24        How do I reverse customer finance charges?



minus-24        I am reconciling my bank statement and I missed a deposit entry. How do I enter a missing deposit?


minus-24        Why are paid commissions not showing in the General Ledger?

minus-24        How do I record bonuses or spiffs for employees?

minus-24        Does Evosus calculate comissions?

minus-24        How do I make adjustments for Return Orders?


minus-24        How do I set up Customer Specific Pricing?

minus-24        How do I enter another name on a customer's account?

minus-24        How do I delete a duplicate customer from the database?

minus-24        How do I activate an inactive customer?

minus-24        The Customer Statement still shows a balance even though I created a return for the sale. What do I do?


minus-24        What do the colored icons next to inventory items represent?

minus-24        How do I set floor models to unavailable for sale?

minus-24        How do I associate a customer name  with a Purchase Order?

minus-24        How do I change the retail price across multiple items?

minus-24        I returned a serial numbered item to a vendor, but I could not associate the serial number to an RGA. How do I remove the serial number from inventory and mark it as unavailable?

minus-24        How do I enter warranties for specific items?

minus-24        How do I delete items out of inventory?

minus-24        Our items are setup with Margin Pricing, but we want the price to round to specific amount ($10.95). Is there a way to round up the cents when pricing items using a margin markup?

minus-24        Can we set our item levels at fixed price even if our Retail Price is set at margin pricing?

minus-24        Can I delete receipt of an item I received through Vendor Purchase Orders?

minus-24        How do I deactivate a stock site?

Tips & Tricks


Interests - Track what the customer is interested in.

Offer (free products or discounts) - Present to leads to entice them to purchase.

Creatives (direct mail piece, advertisement or email) - Anything you physically present to the customer.

Advertising Codes - Used for lead acquisition and include any advertising collateral you place in front of the customer.

Campaign Streams - Used for lead conversion OR maintaining solid relationships with existing customers (post-sale relationship).

Marketing Lists allow you to query the Evosus database to create mailing labels, export lead or customer lists to Excel or create Campaign Streams for automated follow-up.

minus-24        What is Lead Acquisition?

minus-24        What is Lead Conversion?

minus-24        What needs to be completed before I can create a Campaign Stream?

minus-24        How do I view all Employee Leads?

minus-24        How do I track ROI?

minus-24        I want to remind my customers that their warranty expires soon. How do I do this?


minus-24        How do I add Shipping Costs to a customer order?

minus-24        How do I change Sales Tax for a specific customer order?

minus-24        How do I change an Invoice back to an Open Order?

minus-24        How does Evosus determine a customer payment is a Deposit?

minus-24        Why am I unable to deliver items on a customer order?

minus-24        How do I change the entered date of an order or payment?

minus-24        How do I set up text to automatically print on orders?

minus-24        How to I enter text to pop up every time a specific item is sold?

minus-24        What do I do with an invoice that will never be paid?

minus-24        How do I view the employees who opened, invoiced and closed an order?

minus-24        How do I complete a Return for a Default Customer?

Point of Sale

minus-24        How do I reprint a receipt in POS?

minus-24        What cash amount do I enter when closing the cash drawer at the end of the day?

minus-24        Should I include Checks and Credit Cards in my ending cash amount?


minus-24        Exceeding the number of licenses error when trying to log into Terminal Server.

minus-24        I accidentally sent a print job to the receipt printer & now I can't print receipts.

minus-24        I get an error when I try to print

minus-24        How do I set up Evosus co I can email documents to customers through Evosus?

minus-24        I am trying to update Evosus, but I don't see the public/shared folder listed.

minus-24        Why are the server and company fields blank when I log into Evosus?


minus-24        Why isn't my auto-email working?