Evosus Mobile Service Tech Guide

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Evosus Mobile Service Tech Guide

Evosus Mobile Service provides service technicians with one-click access to their schedule.  All tasks are updated immediately once the technician syncs with the corporate database.

Below is the recommended process a service tech will perform each day, including when to sync and how to manage each task.

Step 1 - Sync Phone

Syncing Evosus Mobile Service should occur before you begin work for the day and immediately after leaving each job.  Follow the steps below to sync your mobile device.

1.Open Evosus Mobile Service on your mobile device.

2.Press the Menu button on your device.

3.Tap the Sync option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

4.Tap the Data Sync button.  

5.You will receive a message saying “Please Wait” followed by a series of status updates as the phone syncs with the server. If the sync fails, it could be due to lost cell service or invalid username/password.  Verify you have access to 3G/4G or Wi-Fi service.  Also, make sure you’re entering the correct username and password.  Your credentials are the same as your Evosus credentials. Refer to the Troubleshooting Evosus Mobile Service document if you continue to have trouble syncing.

6.Once the sync is successful, all your scheduled tasks will be displayed in the Scheduled Items list.  The number of days that appear on the phone after each sync is controlled under Administration> Mobile>Mobile Dashboard.

Step 2 - Arrive at Job

Before arriving at a job, you can see basic customer and task details on the Schedule Items and Item Details screens.  The Schedule Items screen allows you to view each task in your schedule by scrolling up or down with the flick of your finger (Fig.3).  Simply tap a task to view task details, customer profile information, order notes, site profile details and items on the service order (Fig. 4).  You will not be able to view additional information or edit the task until you arrive at the job.

Once you arrive at a job, you can add details such as chemical readings, tech notes and items.

There are two ways to arrive at a job

1.Tap the task and tap the Arrive button on the Item Details screen (Fig 5).

2.Press and hold a task, then tap the Arrive option in the list that appears.


Helpful Hint

You can press and hold a task in the Schedule List (Fig. 3) to view additional options such as call the customer, navigate to the job from your current location, arrive at the job or depart the job.

Once the tech arrives at the job site they may view the complete task details by selecting the Edit Item button in the top middle of the screen (Fig. 6).

Figure 6 - Edit Item

Figure 6 - Edit Item

Edit Item Menu

You will use the Edit Item menu to record any data related to the service task.  You may return to the Edit Item menu to enter additional information as many times as needed until the phone is synced and the task is removed from the Schedule list.

Below is a brief summary of each menu option under Edit Item (Fig 7).

Figure 7 - Edit Item Menu

Figure 7 - Edit Item Menu

Notes and Status - The tech selects the status of the job: Complete, Incomplete, or Non-Call.  They may also enter any notes as needed.

Site Profile Maintenance Prompts - The tech enters values in the Site profile such as chemical readings or equipment condition.

Service Repair Prompts - Tech can access repair prompts for reminders on what service tasks to perform for a given task as well as record values such as equipment condition before and after the repair.

Add Items to Order - The tech can add items from your Inventory tree to the order.

Depart - Tech will need to depart from the job In order to arrive at the next job.

Step 3 – Enter Maintenance and/or Service Prompts
You will select Site Profile Maintenance Prompts or Service repair prompts from the Edit Item menu to record specific visit data for the scheduled task and, specifically, the site profile they performed maintenance or service on (Fig. 8).

If the scheduled task was for recurring maintenance, the tech will choose Site Profile Maintenance Prompts.

If the scheduled task was a one-time repair, the tech should choose Service Repair Prompts.

Figure 8 - Enter Service and Maintenance Prompts

Figure 8 - Enter Service and Maintenance Prompts

Site Profile Maintenance Prompts

This is where you will enter values related to equipment condition, record chemical readings and adjustments. The values you enter will be specific to the site profile you are working with, such as a pool or a spa.

If the customer has more than one site profile on file, the app will request you choose which profile you'd like to record data for.

Service Repair Prompts

Service Repair Prompts are a checklist for you to use when performing a service repair.

Service Prompts do not print on the customer's invoice nor do they appear in Mobile Notes or in the Site Visits screen in the Customer Profile.

Mobile Service Prompts will appear in the Customer Notes section of the Customer profile.

Recording Maintenance and Service Prompt Data

You will record a measurement and adjustment value for each prompt.  The Measure column indicates the condition of equipment or chemical/temp measurement upon arrival.  The second column, "Adjust," indicates the condition of equipment or chemical/temp reading after your adjustment OR what you adjusted the reading to.  Speak to your service manager as to how you will use the Adjust data.

Entering Maintenance Prompts

1.Tap Site Profile Maintenance Prompts in the Edit Items menu.  If more than one Site Profile exists, you will be asked to select a Site Profile.  If only one Site Profile exists, you will be taken to a list of values.

2.Select the first option in the Measure column and select a value from the list (Fig 9 and 10).

3.Select the corresponding option in the Adjust column and select a value from the list.

4.Continue entering measurement and adjustment values for each option.

5.Click Save to record your changes.

Note: If you need to edit data you recorded in a Site Profile Maintenance Prompt, return to the Edit Item menu in the app. Renter your data and tap Save.


Entering Service Repair Prompts

1.Tap Service Repair Prompts in the Edit Items menu.

2.Select a Service Repair Prompt from the list.

3.Select the first option in the Measure column and select a value from the list (Fig 11 and 12).

4.Select the corresponding option in the Adjust column and select a value from the list.

5.Continue entering measurement and adjustment values for each option.

6.Click Save to record your changes.


Step 4 – Add Items

This section allows you to add items to the service order by manually entering the Item Code or UPC manually or scanning the barcode on the item.

Add New Item

1.From the Edit Item menu, tap Add Items to Order (Fig. 13).

2.In the Item Code/UPC field, manually type in the Item Code or UPC or scan the UPC on the item (Fig. 14).  To scan the item’s UPC, click Scan Barcode.  A barcode scanner will be initiated and a red line will appear on the phone. Position the red line over the barcode, approximately 3-5 inches away.  You will hear a "beep" when the read is successful and the UPC number will be added to the Item Code/UPC field.

3.Enter Quantity (Fig. 14).

4.Tap Add Item (Fig. 14). To edit items already added, you need to delete the item by tapping the delete button and re-add the item. If the tech adds an item that is not in the Evosus database, the order will be added to an Order Queue titled "Mobile Data Conflict" and the item with the scanned UPC code will be listed on the order for reference.


Step 5 – Enter Notes & Task Status

Notes and status is where you will enter any notes pertinent to the work done or work required in the future and select the status of the job upon departure.  Tap Notes & Status in the Edit Item menu to record notes and status.

Entering Notes

Information entered in the Tech Notes field will be printed on the customer’s invoice.  Enter all information about services performed during the call (Fig. 16).

For easy data entry, use the Show Quick Text option or press and hold in the Tech Notes field until a list of Quick Text options appear.  Select the quick text you need and it will be entered into the Tech Notes field. You can edit notes you entered or notes entered through Quick Text by tapping in the Tech Notes field in the space where you need to edit data.

Selecting a Status

Use the status to record completion of the job upon departure.  Simply tap the Status field and select an option from the list (Fig. 17).  An explanation of each status is listed below.

Complete - Select Complete if you are done with the job and no additional work needs to be done.  

Incomplete - Select Incomplete if additional work is required to finish the job.  This will notify the Service Manager that the job needs to be rescheduled.  When selecting Incomplete, you must select from an additional list of reasons why the job is incomplete, such as Parts Needed.

Non-Call - The non-call status indicates that the service could not be completed.  For example, access could have been denied due a gate code being changed without notification or a suspicious dog in the backyard.


Step 6 – Depart the Job

Once the task is completed or you have completed as much as possible on the task, you will select "Depart" from the Edit Item menu and tap Yes to depart now. You cannot have more than one scheduled task active at one time (meaning you cannot arrive at and edit more than one task at a time).  You must depart a task before you can arrive at the next one.

Remember to Sync!

Once you have departed from a job, you should sync the phone again to update the corporate server of changes and download any changes to your schedule for the day.  You can arrive at the next task once the app has completed syncing.