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Site Profile Setup


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A site profile in Evosus represents a tangible feature at a customer’s location.  Examples of a site profile include Pool, Spa, Water Feature, Stove or Fireplace.  The purpose of recording a site profile is to track equipment and/or site details, including specific readings per service visit.  Site profiles are integrated with Service and Delivery and Evosus Mobile Service.

In Evosus, a Site Visit is considered a service you have performed at Customer’s Site Profile.  This site visit could entail repair or routine monitoring of specific site characteristics like temperature, chemical balance, and volume.  The information you collect can be recorded using Per Visit Attributes you have setup in Evosus and recorded in the Visits section of the Customer’s Site Profile.

You can optionally print Site Visit information on invoices. This feature can be turned on by checking the “Print Site Profile Visit Data on Invoices” checkbox on the Options menu of Customer Profile.

There are two ways to add a site profile

Manually add site profile:

1.Click Add

2.Enter Site Profile Type Name

3.Click OK to Save.

Copy existing site profile:

Copying an existing Site Profile Type will allow you to copy the same Profile Attributes, Per Visit Attributes, and Legend that you have already setup for another Site Profile Type.

1.Enter a Site Profile Type Name

2.Click Copy Existing Site Profile

3.Click Yes to the prompt “Are you sure you want to make a copy of this Profile?

Edit Site Profile


The Profile menu allows you to edit the Name of the Site Profile as well as Activate or Inactivate the site profile type.

Site Profile Attributes:

Site Profile attributes are characteristics of the profile that are static or do not change such as the pool volume of a pool.  These will auto-populate on a customer’s site profile once a profile type has been selected.  You can create a predefined list of options available to the site attribute that is either a range of values or a predefined list of text entries.

Click to view details        Adding Site Profile Attributes and Default Values:


Per Visit Attributes:

Per Visit Attributes are attributes of the Site Profile that may change each time a Service Tech performs a service and are often measurable values.  Each Per Visit Attribute has a measurement and adjustment per visit.  The measurement would be the value before service and the adjustment could be value added or decreased at the visit OR what value you adjusted to. For example, if the attribute is Temperature, the Service Tech would enter the measurement as the temperature of the Pool when they arrived, such as 82 degrees and the adjustment would be the number of degrees they decreased or increased the Pool at the time of Service, such as -2 degrees. Alternatively, the Service Tech could enter the measurement as the temperature of the pool when they arrived, such as 80 degrees, and the adjustment would be the temperature they adjusted to, such as 82 degrees.  To view an inactive Per Visit Attribute click Options>Show Inactive Visit Attributes.


Click to view detailsAdd per Visit Attributes, Measurement Defaults and Adjustment Defaults:



The legend is a text field to define abbreviations that you have used on site profiles visit.  The legend will print on customer documents so that the customer can refer to it when reading their Per Visit information.  The legend is Quick Text enabled.


The Whiteboard allows you to enter generic text notes to the Site Profile Type.  These notes can be updated by any employee, but cannot be seen by the customer.  Quick Text is available via right click on the Whiteboard.

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